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Victory Homes are designed for the sole purpose of reaching out to those struggling with life, substance abuse, gang involvement and prostitution issues.
Our "Homes" have been in operation for forty years with a success rate at 70% to those who graduate. We are not a mission or treatment center but strongly base this ministry on biblical principals including prayer, Bible reading and teaching while instilling values based on making the right choices in life.
Men and women who make the decision to reside at our "Homes" will be committing to a one year stay, in a 24-hour supervised Christian environment, all free of charge.
Victory Homes are not government funded ​and rely on resources from the community consisting of other Churches and Organizations in donating clothes, food and general hygiene materials to help take care of the needs for those who enter into our facilities.​
If you feel led to help in any way, please click the donation button located to the right of this paragraph or contact us on our "Lets Connect" page and our staff will make arrangements to meet with you.

For many years of my life I was lost in the hard streets of Chicago. As a result of gang association, drug dealing and eventually drug addiction, I ended up in jail repeatedly and became hopelessly depressed. I thought that I would soon die that way, but I took what I believed was my last chance and went into the Victory Home where God set me free. Now I'm a happily married family man and a minister in V.O. City Church Chicago. 

— Dayyrl Vasser

Growing up in the community of Little Village I became surrounded and influenced by gang violence. Loosing family and friends I then became hopelessly lost in drug addiction In 2017 I walked into the door of the Victory Home and it is there where God has resored  my life. Today I am a staff in the Women’s Victory Home and I am able to help others see restoration in their lives.

— Vanessa Orozco